Non lifting, art, music post: For Them Feels.

September 24, 2014

I’m not a gamer.  It requires too much of a time commitment and usually I try to make my time more productive when I have it; the exception being whenever a new Assassin’s Creed comes out or that time I played through The Last of Us.

But THIS.  This was awesome.

Like 5 hours of gameplay max.  Spread that out over a period of a few weeks in 45 minute blocks and it’s the perfect way to spend your relaxation period on your breaks.  This wasn’t a particularly difficult game.  The main reason I played it was for ALL THE FEELS.  Coupled with the historical facts littered throughout the game, the emotional music and fluid art style it felt fun and engaging while still paying respect to the heavy subject matter of WWI.  A nice departure from the regular beat-em up shoot-em up and big budget recycled material.

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