Pulling Blocks.

November 10, 2014

Check out these bad boys.

Don't lie.  You got block envy.

Don’t lie. You got block envy.

These are our new custom pulling blocks built by Rick Sr. from RE-Designworks.  I put in a special request for a larger landing surface (to avoid those epic dumps that happen when you drop a bar on a corner), variable pulling heights (two 5 inch segments) and an overbuilt interior frame to sustain the wear and tear of daily usage.

I don’t own my own space yet, but if I did I would certainly spend the money on some legit pulling blocks WAY before I would ever spend money on jerk blocks.  As a matter of fact, the team NEVER uses jerk blocks but we’ll pull off the blocks usually at least once every 4 weeks. In my opinion, jerk blocks are a waste of space, an eye sore and most importantly difficult to effectively implement into a team program.  I’d only spend the money on them if my space was a dedicated weightlifting facility instead of one that caters to general fitness AND Olympic style weightlifting.

2 Responses to “Pulling Blocks.”

  1. Joshua Cline said

    Those look pretty sweet! I have plans to build some pulling blocks and a dip stand over the holiday break. We Shall See!

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