Track Review: Sleep-The Clarity.

November 30, 2014

I had a great idea earlier this year. A bunch of old-school metal bands were releasing new material whether it was just a track or a whole album. Lots of these groups have been broken up or not doing anything for quite some time so naturally the hype train would start gaining steam. Over the course of a few months I ended up with a list of 9 bands that I planned on turning into a long-winded explanation of why I was either impressed or disappointed. Like most projects I assign myself, I got busy with work and it was left unfinished. So I’ve decided to just do a few reviews of the two or three that I actually enjoyed and call it a day. I’m saving up my steam for my annual end of the year top 20 favorite tracks so don’t judge me for being a quitter.

Sleep-The Clarity.  Likability: 9/10.

I know this joke has probably been said probably by a hundred different people since this song came out, but it’s REALLY funny that these guys now have a song entitled “The Clarity” considering the rumors (legends rather) that in their heyday, the band blew ALL of their record deal money on weed. That being said, I was more than excited when Sleep dropped the new track this year after being split up (more or less) for over a decade. “Dopesmoker” was the album that really sparked my interest in the genre as I’m sure it did for a lot of people so the potential for a new album or at least some reunion tour dates had me as giddy as a big, brown, weightlifting schoolgirl. The track itself actually IS a lot clearer sounding than their previous recordings. Matt Pike’s tone isn’t so befuddled with fuzz and ganja smoke. The rhythm section drives the 10 minute opus forward at the pace of a stoner caravan lead by elephants with amplifiers strapped on their backs. In summation, buy yourself some Funyuns, crank this bad boy up and get glued to the couch as you see sounds and hear colors.

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