December 30, 2014

Check out the latest video of us at the Record Breakers meet in SF.  Big thanks to Kevin and everybody from Hassle Free for hosting a great event.

American Open 2014 Video.

December 24, 2014


Yeah, I know it’s a reference to a different Christmas movie.  But we all know there is only ONE Christmas Movie.


Nakatomi Plaza 4 lyf.

The American Open Video is uploading right meow.  Merry Christmas.

Record Breakers.

December 21, 2014

The gang competed at the record breakers meet in San Francisco this weekend.  I took video but then . . . that would mean I have to finish the video for the American Open before I start that.  Which means I have to start the American Open video.

My lack of time cannot be overstated.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whenever I need it, I give myself perspective.  A long day (or month) of being a strength coach is better than a half day of pretty much anything else.

But back to this weekend.  A month ago, I approached a few of my general fitness clients who’ve been with me for a while and seemed to enjoy the weightlifting that I include in my group classes.  Three ended up competing and I couldn’t be more proud of how well they performed.  I’ll talk more about that later in the video.  Five of my experienced team members competed as well.  Most of them got meet PRs and all of them represented the club well.

Eleiko Photos.

December 17, 2014


Jacob with the classic coach celebratory gangsta lean.




A big thank you to my long time friend and fellow coach, Jacob for counting attempts for me.


Stay in the Moment.

December 16, 2014

Jake asked me for some last minute advice.  I told him to stay in the moment.

Jake asked me for some last minute advice. I told him to stay in the moment.

Just got back home.  My real home; which is a folding chair in the weightroom.  It also happens to be one of the only places I can steal internet from.  I’ll post my thoughts and synopsis from this weekend as soon as I can.  Thank you to everyone both in the gym and out for all of your love and support.  It means the world to me.

American Open Info.

December 10, 2014

Hey everybody, this will hopefully be one of my last updates going into the weekend.

HERE is a link to the USAW event page for the American Open.  Here you will find the schedule and hopefully the link for live feed if they have it this year.

If the link for some reason doesn’t work “I can’t do nuttin’ for ya” because I won’t have my laptop on me.

I’m rushing around Sacramento right now trying to get ready to leave for the weekend.  You’d be surprised how difficult it is for a weightlifting coach.  But once I get on that plane, everything else stays at home and it will be time to have me some fun. 

I might’ve posted this scene before.  But I mean come on.  It’s Predator.

We leave for DC next week.  Wish us luck!

Pre-Contest Thoughts.

December 6, 2014

I save the crazy for the privacy of my gym.  On stage, I'm all business.

I save the crazy for the privacy of my gym. On stage, I’m all business.

Welp, training cycle over.  Year pretty much over.  Time to get out there on a stage again and do stuff that actually counts.  My pre-contest ritual to get my mind right is to internalize and relax.  Time to concentrate on myself and make sure that my brains are ready to do what my body is strong enough to.  Competing against other guys is nice.  There’s a few who I like to measure myself against but honestly its more about preparing myself and being the best lifter I can be.  If I do that, I’ll have a good showing no matter what place I get.  From experience I can tell you that no one will ever remember how many kilos you lifted.  They will remember how you presented yourself when you did it.  Did you look confident?  Did you look skillful?  Were you able to show everyone how well you know your abilities and your skill set?

How well do you know how to lift? Show them.