Old Love / New Love.

February 17, 2015

My Current favorite song.  Album is pre-ordered.  I loved the last one released in like 2011 but I didn’t expect I’d hear any more out of him.  I’m currently working on putting together the first ever alongthelinesof mixtape and yes, this song will be on it.  A mix of new songs from this year, a bunch I passed over from 2014 and a few that fit the mood.  Mixtapes (CDs) were going out of style when I was in high school but up until like 5 years ago, I occasionally would make mix CD’s for people complete with a track list and cover art.  This mixtape will be the more current version of that.  For all you.

Unapologetically feel good dance banger.  That 90’s dance piano has me throwing my arms up in the air.

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