Ben’s Quick Tip #11: Continuity (the Yamdancer method).

February 25, 2015

This one is for the younger coaches out there who are just beginning their journey in building a weightlifting competitive team.

So you’ve developed your training process and ideology of the group.  Good.  This is one of the hardest parts of the job and requires continued analysis (and over-analysis) if your group is going to progress.  Such is the burden of coach;  You do the analyzing so your team doesn’t have to.

Now it’s your job to enforce the group process and ideology.  Give your team reminders of what your interpretation of Olympic weightlifting training is, what your group’s training process should look like and what you all collectively value in regards to Olympic weightlifting.  Don’t be shy about letting them know what things do not have a place in your gym and what Olympic weightlifting should NOT look like.  Do this, and your group is guaranteed to show continued improvement (provided your training process is a good one)!

There used to be this quote on the wall that I didn’t really get or was taken out of context.  But a more applicable version of it might sound like, “you either buy into the collective ideology of the group or you’re not part of it.”

It ain’t easy being coach.  Good luck!


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