Unplugged Session.

March 18, 2015

Hot on the heels of his new record’s release, Twin Shadow once again appeared on XMU to do an exclusive unplugged session featuring a couple of his new songs and a Cat Stevens cover.  The DJ asked him if he thought that one of the requirements for a song to be a good one would be if it sounds good without all the fancy production.  He replied that he used to believe so but that not necessarily true across the board.  Still it is a quality that he tries to reflect in his music.  If anybody knows how to bootleg recordings, it’s airing at 4pm Eastern time again tomorrow.  Send me a copy PLZ.

What is your opinion?  Does a song need to sound “good” at it’s core without the assistance of production and fancy electronics and accompaniment?

Here’s a track from the last time he did an unplugged session from 2011.  I can remember listening to this for the first time at a coffee shop I used to frequent.

There were other notable releases that happened this week.  Modest Mouse released their first record in like 8 years.  Kendrick released the follow up to his 2013 unanimously applauded debut.  I’m not as stoked on these but they will sure to be talked about for the remainder of the year (Kendrick’s new album at least).

2 Responses to “Unplugged Session.”

  1. Mike powers said

    Slow and castles are just amazing songs, love how his voice sounds like he’s singing in that pop 80s style. Much wow, so talent. Was just reading your earlier post on backpacking- I’m not at all an outdoorsy type of dude (family just had zero interest in it) but I love to live vicariously through others, nutnfancy included. How should I go about learning? I’m clueless as to basic things like bringing food and water, bears, tents. What do you bring? Thanks

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