A Wolf Like Me (Midtown BB Feb 2015-April 2015).

April 18, 2015

My group has grown.  We are strong and happy to train together.  Every day is a privilege and sometimes I get so lost in keeping this thing going (and improving) that I forget that.

Here are a few clips taken over the last few months of training and contests.

My mind has changed
my body’s frame but god I like it
my hearts aflame
my body’s strained but god I like it

2 Responses to “A Wolf Like Me (Midtown BB Feb 2015-April 2015).”

  1. lambgyro said

    Love seeing you guys train and compete.- As I watch this, I vicariously experience the fun- and the struggle- of olympic lifting, and the energy of a gym full of dedictated people.

    This kind of training has taken a back seat for me lately because I’m working on a second career in art, but my “shadow weightlifter” self eats these videos up. Thanks for posting, Ben.

    • bclaridad said

      I’m truly glad that you enjoyed the video. It’s my intention to make stuff that I can look back on and re-watch, enjoy the fun we had and re-live a snapshot in time. It feels really honest. I’m sorry to hear about your training but by the sounds of it, you’re pursuing other passions. One day I will be that lucky. Cheers. And like Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.”

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