May 7, 2015

Let’s play a game.


Both lifts.

8 attempts max.

2 misses allowed before the player is “knocked out.”

Clean and jerks went OK.  I only made like 4.  I blame it on me doing my squats in the morning session beforehand.

EMOMs aren’t all that common for us but this video is a good example of the team training cycle right now.

4 Responses to ““Knockout.””

  1. revolutionaryathletics said

    What/who has been your biggest influences on programming?

    • bclaridad said

      While I am in some respects self taught with the lifts, I have worked with and hung out with a lot of coaches over the years. Probably the people who were the biggest influences were Paul of Hassle Free Sacramento and Glenn when he was living in California. Paul and I trained together for many years and the only reason I’m not a Hassle Free lifter now is because I decided to invest in this coaching gig at Midtown. I met Glenn when I would go down to Cal Strength to train back when Jon and Donny were there. He was a super nice guy and we would talk informally about training in between our talks of dogs and BBQ.

      I like looking at different national training systems just like everybody else but I would never try to emulate these in my own setting.

      In truth, the biggest influence on my programming style is when I started programming for more than just myself and a few others. The more people I acquired, the more organized I eventually became.

      • revolutionaryathletics said

        Very thorough and informative answer, Ben. As someone in love with lifting and beginning a coaching service, it is always inspiring to see someone that is mostly self made. It gives little guys like me hope.

      • bclaridad said

        I recently had a conversation with a well known coach, someone whom I respect and I referred to myself as a little fish. I’ll tell you the same thing he told me,

        “We are all fish in the same pond, stinking and swimming around looking for something to eat.”

        lol I think it means that weightlifting is still and probably always will be a small community. Never hesitate to reach out to any one of us in it as I often like to do.

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