Trust the Process Shirts.

May 25, 2015

Check it out.  I finally threw down and made some shirts.  If you’re in town, pick one up for 25 bucks cash.  If you’re out of town, I’m working on it.

swolfie allie 2 image1These shirts are actually pretty significant for me. For one, it’s a design that I drew.  It’s honest.  The design is based off of actual photos of us training.  There’s no lions or other popular fitsperation gimmicks.  The figures on the bottom represent our Yamdancer philosophy, a concept that I stole from Coach Paul of Hassle Free.  On the back I chose to go with, “Trust the process.” This has been personally significant to me since 2005 after I went on a religious retreat.

I’ll still sell some of my work in the future.  You can probably pick out which one is mine from Jon North’s new line.  But this one is all me.  All us.

Trust the process.


3 Responses to “Trust the Process Shirts.”

  1. Joe flick said

    How can an out of town bro who loves the blog scoop a shirt!?

  2. MC said

    I most definitely look forward to wearing this shirt until it becomes worn thin and ragged looking–just like my ‘along the lines’ shirt. I’ll keep an eye out for an online store update.

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