Alongthelinesof Mixtape Vol. 3: Space Odyssey Super Jam.

June 5, 2015

The 3rd installment in my series of mixtapes.  I figured it was about time we had a SPACE themed one because why the heck not, right?  In the meantime, the first mixtape is down until I buy more space from soundcloud.


1) Toro y Moi-Lilly

2) Neon Indian-Annie

3) Funkadelic-Can You Get to That

4) Jamie XX-Sleep Sound

5) Pentagram-Earth Flight

6) Dum Dum Girls-LOst Boys and Girls Club

7) Death Grips-On GP

8) Jamie Liddel-Do Yourself a Favor

9) Daft Punk-Giorgio by Moroder

10) Tame Impala-Let it Happen

11) Alabama Shakes-Gimmie All your Love

12) David Bowie-Space Oddity

The cover art is from the 1983 film, Heavy Metal.  I also included sound bytes from Bill Moyer’s interview with Joseph Campbell entitled “Power of Myth.”

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