Going Medieval Pt. 1 (Initial Impressions).

June 10, 2015

As a rule, I won’t plug products unless they fulfill my criteria of being high value, useful and bullshit free.  For example: straps.  90% of people I meet WASTE MONEY on straps.  Make your own.  They will last longer and perform better.  I’ve had mine for 4 years now.  They are made of rock climbing webbing and one of my lifters, Duffy, sewed and burnt the ends for me.   They cost under two dollars and I guarantee they are better than your straps.  At best, yours are made out of the same material.  At worst, they are made out of that standard nylon seat belt material that WILL fray and snap.  Actually at the very worst, you have those cotton loop ones with the foam pad on the back.  My mitts eat those.  It’s not that I have a problem with people making money in the fitness industry.  I just have a problem with people making money at other’s expense or fulfilling needs that do not need to be filled.

Conversely, I plug my sponsor, Forklifter all the time.  They provide a high quality service at a high value price point.  I mean . . . it’s meat, healthy carbs and veggies.  If you disagree with that then there’s no hope for you.

So bringing it back to my original goal for this post,

I’m going to plug a product.

High quality leather and hardware.

High quality leather and hardware.


Very supportive and look badass. Heck I might start rocking these at shows.

I maintain that the BEST option for wrist support is Johnson & Johnson athletic tape.  Not that Muller or ACE crap.  Johnson & Johnson.  The second best option and one that I used for years is the standard boxing wrap.  They come in two varieties, the shorter less-stretchy version (for some reason we used to call them white boy wraps back in the day.  I couldn’t explain to you why) and the longer more-stretchy versions.  I recommend the shorter one and for God’s sake please take your thumb out of the loop.  It bothers me at a very deep level when I see people lifting with their thumbs still in the loop like a doofus.  A lesser preferred option and one that I  have been using for the past 2 years are the new fangled PR wraps or “Crossfit wraps” as I like to call them.  They’re decent.  Decent enough that I saw no need to change them over the past two years except when I need the extra support.  Then I go back to the old faithful athletic tape.

These are something new for me.  I looked at the ones off of Risto but based on how well their shoes hold up, I decided I’d look elsewhere.  My search took me to Wyvernworks on Etsy.  He makes fantasy and LARP gear but after searching around a bit, I decided that his wrist supports looked like they could hold up to training.  I made the mistake of ordering two different styles so I asked him for the link to the ones I got.


They came in on Monday and after hitting some front squats and push presses in them, I can say that they DO support my wrist very well.  Time will tell how they will hold up to training but I am pretty confident so far.  Take note, I wear my buckles on the inside of my wrist to let the extra material support the joint from the outside.

I’ll post an update after a month or so of hard training getting ready for Nationals.

One Response to “Going Medieval Pt. 1 (Initial Impressions).”

  1. mmmmonson said

    Those are pretty awesome and Wyvern had me at Firefly. Cool stuff.

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