Get a Hammock.

June 28, 2015

Lake Margaret.

Lake Margaret.

Life takes you to some pretty interesting places sometimes; “interesting” being a loaded descriptor.  You might go for months or years on end living every day exactly the same.  Maybe it was one day, maybe it was one moment and everything got turned on it’s head.  You’ve got the choice to either deal with it or let it overcome you.  Maybe it’s a little of both.



Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to put your head down and press forward. It takes confidence to look inward and ask where do I want to go from here.  One thing that I know through experience is that it’s a difficult task to be strong if you have no purpose.

Let us find it and be thankful.

2 Responses to “Get a Hammock.”

  1. Michael said

    Hey Ben, I wrote to you a while back about getting into camping and you replied with many useful advices. I’ve since gone on a few awesome day hikes in my area (so cal), but haven’t done any overnighters yet. I recently picked up a tent and have been looking to see some of Yosemite. Have you been through there? Also, I know you are a big guy and like to stay anabolic (lol I couldn’t write that with a straight face) any food tips? Been thinking if just make my own jerky. Anyway, love the pics! Peace dude!

    • bclaridad said


      Glad to hear from you again. I’m happy that you’re finding the time to get outdoors. I’ve been to Yosemite but only on a day excursion. Nothing overnight yet. You’re right, I do like to stay well fed (and occasionally buzzed) in the outdoors. What I used to do was just pack enough protein bars, jerky and almonds to last me as long as I was out. It’s the easiest way and certainly can get the job done. A few months ago, I bought an outdoor stove. It’s the MSR Pocket Rocket and I highly recommend it as a way to heat up food and liquid. After using it, I found that eating outdoors was more fun and rewarding when you actually cook something. I just do those dehydrated meals that you buy at REI finished up with hot cocoa (with whiskey) and cookies. If you buy the stove, test it out beforehand along with one of those meals. I found the one that I ate (I think it was beef stroganoff from Backpackers Pantry) was actually lacking in salt. I haven’t ventured much beyond that although I admit that I watched EVERY ONE of Nutnfancy’s cooking outdoors videos.

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