Answering the Call.

July 19, 2015

Something that has affected me over the course of several years and something that I’ll refer back to often is Bill Moyers’ interview series with Joseph Campbell, “The Power of Myth.”  Campbell discusses his thoughts on what he calls “the mono-myth” and the transformative process of the “hero’s journey.”  This is a concept that in his mind is not limited to mythology, storytelling or religion but all facets of life.  I’ll occasionally thumb through some of his writings or re-watch pieces of the interview when considering my own transformative process.

Lately this has resonated with me:


“The achievement of the hero is one that he is ready for and it’s really a manifestation of his character. It’s amusing the way in which the landscape and conditions of the environment match the readiness of the hero. The adventure that he is ready for is the one that he gets … The adventure evoked a quality of his character that he didn’t know he possessed.”

(The Power of Myth, Episode 1).

10 years ago I decided I wanted to be strong.  It was all consuming.  Though I didn’t have a clear idea why, it has taken me though a constantly changing landscape.  It took me several years before I realized that maybe my end goal wasn’t just physical strength.  If it was, my actions would’ve taken me down a different path.  The more I worked I realized that my actions are also firmly rooted in the community that I create.

“Occam’s Lair” is the fun little name we’ve given our new home.  Right now, we’ve got 4 temporary platforms set up on the main floor of Capital Strength and Performance.  We’ve got  a growing collection of (nice) barbells, plates and squat racks.  But once the lair is cleared and we move in, I’m going to pour every dime I have into turning it into our perfect little weightlifting dungeon.  I’m sure that it will serve as the final landscape of my high level weightlifting career.  But it will be the very beginning of something new; The next step of my journey.  It took me most of my 20’s, but I finally feel like I’m growing into the person that I was meant to be.

Trust the process.


One Response to “Answering the Call.”

  1. kinym said

    THIS is wonderful!

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