Caffeine and Kilos 2015 Video.

September 21, 2015

So this is like far less creative than my videos from this contest over the last few years but I’m like . . . busy being a business man and stuff.

Compare this to how fat I was 2 years ago.

I think I was like 265ish lbs in this video.  Oh and that Gil Scott Heron song is still one of my favorites.

Shit, I mean even compare that to last year.  This is the SAME BELT from all the videos.  I’m currently on the very last hole of an ELITEFTS medium and in these videos I’m in hole 3 or 4.

Also, any video with an appearance from my good friend Alex “The General” Lee is going to be one of my favorites.  He’s like a guardian angel, only coming into my life when I need him the most.

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