Feel good or BE good.

September 28, 2015

One thing that I can objectively say is helping all my lifters across the board is the mandatory prep and corrective exercises I now include within our training schedule. I’m not going to list any of my favorite exercises because I feel like they deserve their own blog post.  But as a general rule of thumb, uncovering your weaknesses and including work to correct them VS. doing what feels good or what feels most rewarding is one of the main differences between training for sport and training like a bro.  Right now the team is transitioning from building a healthy foundation towards building absolute strength.

Those 4x6 squat feels.

Those 4×6 squat feels.

Maxing out feels good.  Snatches feel good.  Bro-ing out and working hard feels good.  having a system in place that at least has the foresight to look from now to a few months from now does NOT necessarily feel good.

Right now we’re on track to peak at the American Open.  I should be taking a good sized group with me and the whole gang is stoked that it’s taking place right in our backyard.

Trust the process.


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