So I was working on my annual end of the year favorite tracks playlist and I stumbled across a gem.  But first, a little background info.

In 2014, I discovered that I like cats; Strange, I know.  But I moved in with a roommate who owned a black cat named Benjamin and we basically became best buddies even though we acted like we hated each other.  That same year, one of my favorite releases was from indie hip-hop collaboration, Run the Jewels.

For reference, here is my favorite track from Run the Jewels II featuring Zach De La Rocha.

This year, the duo released a CAT THEMED REMIX ALBUM, MEOW THE JEWELS.

Thank you, internet.

I’ll put out my annual favorite tracks list soon.  Sadly, no there will be no cats on it.  What are some of your favorite tracks/singles from this year?

Edit: I didn’t get the rig right and have been subsequently corrected but I’m going to leave the post as is because it’s funnier that way.  It’s actually: 

4×12 x 2
8×10 x 1
2×15 x 1

For all you tone worshippers out there, I want to bring these guys to your attention.

Lament Cityscape.  I saw them open up for Serial Hawk the other day.  Two dudes.  MASSIVE sound.  I saw them set up and the guitarist brought out his rig and I’m like WTF is that.  I’m not all that tech savvy but it looked like a guitar amp, bass amp and a bunch of power amps powering a 4×12, a 6×10 and a BIG FUCKING SUBWOOFER.  I know what you’re thinking, “yeah, but did it sound GOOD?”  Yeah, surprisingly.  I mean there was no one else for him to compete with as far as interfering with other instruments and he really did cover the whole spectrum, not just the low end.

Here’s my favorite track.

Here’s a photo of the guitarist and rig.

Yeah, he played through ALL of that.

Yeah, he played through ALL of that.

Here’s a good shot of one of the guys from Serial Hawk.

Coincidentally, this is how I look when I answer the phone.

Coincidentally, this is how I look when I answer the phone. “WAAAAZZZAAAAAAAAP.”

I remember MY first beer.

October 25, 2015

I actually do though and it’s a mildly funny story told in person.

I was actually talking about this.

Jean tasted his first rainbow on Friday with this 160kg clean.

Jean tasted his first rainbow on Friday with this 160kg clean.

And you know what? It looked easy.  I gave him a hit of salts (also a first).  He threw on some Radiohead (I’m so proud) and that shit flew off the ground FAST.  Good thing I caught it in slow-mo.

Also notable is one of our young guys hit like 9 PR’s on Friday.  And this was after I let him know the night before that none of the lifters we watch on “Unbelievable Bulgarians” are actually natty.  I know. So young.

I guess the theme of this post is that I’m surrounded by youth and their radiant optimism.  It keeps me getting after the big boy weights, searching for that 1-2% I have left in the tank.

Thanks, guys and girls.

  1. Rear leg elevated single leg split squat (driving through front heel to activate the glute).
  2. Single leg DB RDL.
  3. Behind the neck Dip N’ Split
  4. Single arm split leg DB press (pressing with the same side as the leg that’s out front.  Again pushing through that front heel.  Alternating feet.)
  5. High pulls (all variations).  We’ve always done them but they come up more frequently with the emphasis on upper body involvement and “activity through the middle.”

Come at me bro.

Honorable mention: Single arm farmer carry.  (Both lats engaged. Elbow slightly bent and reaching behind.  Neutral spine.)

Sense of Urgency.

October 13, 2015

“Yeah, more graves to dig, goodbye there’s no need to cry
‘Cause we all die”

-The RZArector (The RZA)

The Gravediggaz. A fairly unknown project from 1994 featuring most notably Prince Paul and The RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.  Their first release, “6 Feet Deep” is notable because it’s b-movie, spooky shtick coined the sub-genre “Horror-core.”

I have a message for you.

Death comes for all of us.  It’s only a question of when and unfortunately we don’t get to pick.  Sure, we can plan.  Workout.  Take our vitamins.  But it suffices to say that there is only so much under our control.

I had a moment this week where it was very possible that my time had come.  Relax, mom.  I know you read my blog and I’m fine.  It was a minor incident that was 100% not my fault.

You know what I felt when I looked death in the face? “If this is my time, at least I died at a time in my life where I was 100% dedicated to pursuing my passion and helping others chase dreams of their own.”  No, not all those words went though my head in that split second.  But if you crumpled all those words into a feeling, that’s what I felt.

When I looked death in the face, my only regret was that my work would be left unfinished.

And then just like that I was fine.  I drove to a familiar bar, drank a shot of expensive whiskey, smoked a cigarette (no, mom.  I don’t smoke.) and then I called it a night; after all, I had work the next day.

I suppose the point in letting you all know about this is that the incident left me with a sense of urgency.  Time on this world is short.  If you want to make your mark on it, do it now.


October 9, 2015

Greg Everett is an excellent communicator.  When he writes, his voice is succinct, specific and entertaining.  This little gem struck a chord with me this week.


Sure it’s a common sentiment and blah blah blah but it’s worth more than 90% of the asinine quotes that people post on the internet every day.

I do what I want.

October 5, 2015



Actually, we loaned our squat stands out for the weekend.  So I used it as an opportunity to bro out in the monolift.