Meme Contest.

January 28, 2016

I had a caption contest for an unflattering photo of me lifting the other day which inevitably turned into a meme contest.

This was the winner.



Conan+Serial Hawk Tour.

January 27, 2016

So it’s been business as usual at the lair lately, which means 12 hour days on the regular and extra projects to keep me busy.  But things are honestly going great.  February will be a good one for us.  First off, Big Caine Wilkes will be starting off the month with a seminar at our gym on the 7th.  Yup, the strongest lifter in the country, right here in Sacramento.  E-mail me if you want in.  I’ve still got spots left.

Then after that, Elle and I will be heading off to Philly for JR Nationals.  Her training has been going very well and we’re ALL excited to see how she does on the big stage.  She just took her first trip to Cal Strength last Friday and walked out with a 95kg clean and jerk PR.

I’m still eliminating tracks off of my favorite for 2015 playlist but in the meantime check out this thing that I’m very excited about.  This is a new track off Conan’s album, Revengeance, to be released this month.

Doom. Yes.  Blast beats.  Also yes.

Here’s an interview with them that I stole off of an event Facebook page. You can also stream the album there.


Honestly a lot of their earlier material was just TOO downtuned and heavy for me.  I know how that sounds.  But yes, it was just too heavy, man.  This track seems like a huge step forward on all fronts.  I am now SUPER excited to see them play with Serial Hawk who you guys already know am a huge fan of.

Check to see if these dudes are playing in a town near you.  I guarantee they would be worth the trip.

2015 Wrap Up Video.

January 17, 2016

Who else listens to this album once every couple of months to feel all the feels?

I’m a lucky man.  The name, “Occam Athletics” came to me as I was taking Biomechanics in College.  I think this was in 2011 or 2012.  The idea became a dream and the dream became a reality.  I owe it all to my team, my gang of bloodthirsty pirates, my yamdancers. I love you guys.

Trust the process.


Finished Product.

January 7, 2016

Jean has been getting artsy lately and snapped this pic of the 4×12.


I’ll be replacing those little PA speakers on the right with a custom 2×15 project when I find an old unloaded cab on Craigslist.

I hand painted the grill cloth badge on a piece of plexiglass.  Somehow enclosing our symbol in the Sunn Amp company logo seemed appropriate.     It still has the stock Peavy Valveking speakers loaded but I plannO))) on replacing those with some of the Weber TONCVLT series.  As it is, it actually sounds pretty good.  I plugged my Hovercraft Caribou in a few times and the shit gets LOUD even when I play on half power (25 watt) setting.

I’m doing a lot of renovations to the lair.  I’m calling it “The Lair Beautification Project 2016.”  It will still look like a lair when I’m done with it but one that smells of rich mahogany with leather-bound books.

So I’m still a ways out from finishing my Favorite tracks of 2K15 list. I still have over 50 tracks that I need to trim down to 20. I figured i’d do this list to balance out the representation in track choices. Slow and heavy music has easily been my most digested music choice since 2010. It’s also the type of music that I’m most likely to listen to in an album format from start to finish. Here’s a list of my favorite releases this year covering doom, stoner, psychedelic and proto-metal. I’m not big on classifying sub-genres and I’m sure at least some of these groups are the same way so the only requirements as far as actual sounds is the album has to be SLOW or HEAVY or TRIPS YOU OUT, MAN. Or JAMMY or MAKES YOU LOSE TRACK OF WHAT DAY/YEAR it is. Also, another requirement is that I had to purchase the whole album. This takes off a good bunch of my list of favorite tracks so I can have a more balanced representation, though some groups from this list will be on the next. Hey, man. They’re my lists. I can do what I want.

The List:
1) UN-The Tomb of All Things. Did you dig Pallbearer in 2012? Yeah, me too. Were you wishing there were more groups out there that had those triumphant passages done slower than a cold molasses jar tipped on it’s side? Were you wishing it was just a little bit HEAVIER? If so, just buy this. Don’t ask any more of yourself. Stop reading this paragraph and buy it. Do it. Right now.

I know that this being at the top of my list is kind of like cheating because I’m still in the honeymoon phase with it (released in December). But I can’t help it. The riffs are too massive. The effects are so tasteful. I even love the cookie monster vocals mixed with the straight up YELLING. This is a good one to introduce to your friends if they dug Pallbearer or Pilgrim.

2) All Them Witches-Dying Surfer Meets His Maker. Least heavy album on the list. It’s not heavy at all actually. Well, it’s heavy in that dark, jammy folk sort of way. I guess this whole thing was recorded in a cabin somewhere so of course I ate that shit up. But this is legit my favorite album released this year across all genres. Best consumed while making art, working or otherwise being creative. The sequencing from track to track is fantastic.

3) Spelljammer-Ancient of Days. Massive riffs abound, hashishian dragon riding astronaut. One look at the cover art and you know what you’re getting yourself into.

I mean... LOOK at that.

I mean… LOOK at that.

4) Serial Hawk-Searching for Light. This band is so goddamn sick. The recording almost catches how massive their sound actually is in real life. Almost.

5) CHRCH-Unanswered Hymns. Sorry I’m not sorry. These hometown homies get a top placing on my list and I don’t care how not cool that makes me. I think I literally saw these guys (and girl) play like 7 times this past year; a lot of the time because they were opening up for a bigger band rolling through town. So I’ve literally heard the album several times over before I bought the thing. And it’s STILL good. Chris (guitar) has been killing it with booking a lot of really great shows in Sacramento. I’m thankful he’s so good at his job so I have something to do after I get off work at like 9 every night.

6) Lament Cityscape-The Torn. I was not aware of these guys till I saw them live. I’d advise you to see them as well. And I advise you to wear earplugs while doing so. Legit loudest show I saw this year. The album as a whole is fantastic. Very dark. Very heavy. Atmospheric during some passages but they never stray too far away from a nice groove. I had this on while I was driving to Reno in a snowstorm and it was terrifying.

7) Goya-Obelisk. I legit thought I was listening to Electric Wizard when I first heard this thing. But not like in a bad way because Electric Wizard hasn’t done anything I’ve been interested in since their very early material. These guys carry on the torch to a new generation of dirtbags. And they do it with less HP Lovecraft Shtick and more melody.

8) Graveyard-Innocence and Decadence. Yes, I know. Another Proto-metal band. I just think they do it better than the others. This album in one word is very FUN. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you. A good pick for fans of Kadavar or Ghost who also release some good sounds this year.

One of my top 20 favorite tracks this year.

9) Acid King-Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere. One of the originals from the 90’s stoner genre and SF locals GET THE BAND BACK TOGETHER and release a home run.



10) White Dwarf-ISM Demo. Yeah, I know it’s a demo. I know it’s free. But I listened to it a lot and it’s good. Leave me alone.

Download this.

Honorable mentions:

11) Dopethrone-Hochelaga. This shit is just straight up evil. Contains one of the only tracks that could be considered a hit single out of all these albums; Scum Fuck Blues. “Smoke, drink, die.” Really makes you think, ya’know?

Def on my top 20 tracks of the year list.  Check out this very NSFW music video.

12) Monolord-Vaenir. Your friend wants to know what “doom” sounds like. You could go with the tried and true staples. Or just show him this. That fuzz on that bass tho. Just evil sounding.

13) Trapped Within Burning Machinery-The Filth Element. I should really leave it at this is a FIFTH ELEMENT CONCEPT ALBUM and leave it at that. Actually I think I will. It’s pretty good though. Check it out.

14) Weedeater-Goliathan. My favorite band to see live.

Dixie Dave is a personal hero of mine.

Dixie Dave is a personal hero of mine.

15) High on Fire-Luminiferous. Because Matt Pike being Matt Pike.

Young Matt Pike.

Young Matt Pike.