Finished Product.

January 7, 2016

Jean has been getting artsy lately and snapped this pic of the 4×12.


I’ll be replacing those little PA speakers on the right with a custom 2×15 project when I find an old unloaded cab on Craigslist.

I hand painted the grill cloth badge on a piece of plexiglass.  Somehow enclosing our symbol in the Sunn Amp company logo seemed appropriate.     It still has the stock Peavy Valveking speakers loaded but I plannO))) on replacing those with some of the Weber TONCVLT series.  As it is, it actually sounds pretty good.  I plugged my Hovercraft Caribou in a few times and the shit gets LOUD even when I play on half power (25 watt) setting.

I’m doing a lot of renovations to the lair.  I’m calling it “The Lair Beautification Project 2016.”  It will still look like a lair when I’m done with it but one that smells of rich mahogany with leather-bound books.

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