Conan+Serial Hawk Tour.

January 27, 2016

So it’s been business as usual at the lair lately, which means 12 hour days on the regular and extra projects to keep me busy.  But things are honestly going great.  February will be a good one for us.  First off, Big Caine Wilkes will be starting off the month with a seminar at our gym on the 7th.  Yup, the strongest lifter in the country, right here in Sacramento.  E-mail me if you want in.  I’ve still got spots left.

Then after that, Elle and I will be heading off to Philly for JR Nationals.  Her training has been going very well and we’re ALL excited to see how she does on the big stage.  She just took her first trip to Cal Strength last Friday and walked out with a 95kg clean and jerk PR.

I’m still eliminating tracks off of my favorite for 2015 playlist but in the meantime check out this thing that I’m very excited about.  This is a new track off Conan’s album, Revengeance, to be released this month.

Doom. Yes.  Blast beats.  Also yes.

Here’s an interview with them that I stole off of an event Facebook page. You can also stream the album there.


Honestly a lot of their earlier material was just TOO downtuned and heavy for me.  I know how that sounds.  But yes, it was just too heavy, man.  This track seems like a huge step forward on all fronts.  I am now SUPER excited to see them play with Serial Hawk who you guys already know am a huge fan of.

Check to see if these dudes are playing in a town near you.  I guarantee they would be worth the trip.

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