SoCal Rotation.

August 11, 2016

So If you have not already, go check out the Doom Charts for August.  A lot of really good recent releases are highlighted.  Here’s a few that will be on my rotation as I drive from Sacramento to LA this weekend.

  1. Slow Season-Westing.  Like an idiot, I missed their set last week because I was busy eating tacos before Black Pussy put on an amazing performance.  These guys are like a modern Led Zeppelin.
  2. Mountain Dust-Nine Years.  Heavy HEAVY blues.  Check those vocals too, homie.
  3. Turnip-Window Killers.  Atmospheric, psychedelic and HEAVY americana.  This is my shit.
  4. Oak-Oak II.  Ballsy desert rock.  Also FREE.
  5. Vokonis-Olde One Ascending.  This one will make you want to put on a cape and start a LARP team on the weekends.

Again, go check out the blog for ALL the good shit that came out recently.  This is just what I’m going to be bumping this weekend while driving (along this the Khemmis album that dropped last year.  I saw them destroy eardrums last night.)

2 Responses to “SoCal Rotation.”

  1. wickets said

    out of curiosity, any explanation as to why usa doesnt ‘compete’ when it comes to olympic lifting? I see you guys, who to me anyway look so strong, but when i clicked on the medal list for rio i didnt see one award for usa lifters. thanks

    • bclaridad said

      Sorry I just saw this comment. For the most part I try to stay out of international lifting. It doesn’t really interest me until I get a young lifter to that level. The one chance I had to compete internationally was at collegiate worlds in like 2010 (I’m pretty sure that was the year) but I chose not to go because money. There’s some clear differences between US lifting and international stuff, that’s for sure.

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