2010 American Open.

December 19, 2017

The American Open: I’m always super pumped to go to it but it rarely goes how I plan it to.  My favorite one so far was in Washington DC in 2014.  It was one of my big breakout meets as a super-heavyweight.


140/170 this year as a 94.  Not bad but I can do better.  

My first American Open was in 2010 in Cincinnati.  I was finishing up most of my basic science classes at Sac State had been lifting for 5 years already.  This meet will stand out in my memory for many reasons but for brevity’s sake, I’ll list just a few:

  1. This was the first time I met Coach Zygmunt.  Kevin Doherty introduced us in the training hall and I happened to be holding my biology book (finals were coming up).  Zygmunt shakes my hand, points at the book and goes, “Student! GOOOOOOOOOD.”  And I’m thinking to myself, “No, student BAD.  Weightlifting GOOD.”  But we all know how that played out.  I finished my degree and I’m a better coach than a I am a weightlifter.
  2. The comeback meet of Zach Krych.  He had broken BOTH wrists while doing cleans with straps while training at the OTC and this was a triumphant comeback performance for him.
  3. I met a young man by the name of Mat Fraser.  I think he went on to do very well in other fitness related competitions.
  4. The 85A/94A men’s session.  This session was amazing to watch.  I knew I wanted to be in the mix like this one day.  I’m still finding my way there.  But I’m confident I’ll have a few more opportunities before I hang up the shoes.

After we all competed, me, Paul, Kari and the others went to eat at the only spot that was open during the snow storm; a sushi joint in the middle of a parking lot.

Happy holidays.

-The Wizard of Occam


So I don’t generally like putting out a bunch of informational content because whenever I see stuff like that, it usually looks like a bunch of broke ass, thirsty ass gofundme weightlifters or trainers looking to advertise with internet hits so they can do remote programming and fill their piggy bank.  However, I do like being helpful.  So if you have a question, just ask.


Answering questions.  

So I was chatting with my homie TJ the other day and he mentioned that he’s like to start practicing the Olympic lifts but didn’t really know where to start.  He, like most people, work out in a bigger 24 hour workout type facility that is not equipped with bumper plates or lifting platforms.  TJ lifts.  He has covered his bases with the press, squat and deadlift and is a generally strong and fit person.  If this sounds like you, check out the video.  If that’s as far as you go with the lifts, that’s cool.  I genuinely think that most able bodied people should be able to do these movements.  These movements will also prepare you, should you pursue the lifts further by teaching yourself or finding a coach.


-The Wizard of Occam