Artist Statement #1.

January 17, 2018

Here is my first non-lifting related post since I’ve started blogging again.  I had to write an artist statement before I stared hitting up places around town to show my art so I figured I’d post it here.  Chances are I’ll revise it 2-3 times but I needed something on paper.  

Artist mugshot.

The human form has has always been fascinating to me. When I was a kid, I would draw comic book heroes during recess. While in college, I took figure drawing classes while I was studying exercise science. Today, I paint the human form after I’ve closed my business in midtown for the day. It is no coincidence that my job primarily deals with helping others understand and move their body more effectively. The human form is equal parts powerful and elegant, especially while in motion.

Owning a business and training as an athlete has not left much time for creativity for the past few years. Time spent doing art or music is considered sacred time. I am usually drawn to mediums that I can finish a piece in short 45 minute sessions at a time such as ink or watercolor. Only recently have I set aside more time for creative endeavors and now dedicate 2-3 nights per week with a new medium to me: oil. The amount of patience and care involved changed my creative process and I am excited to continue exploring the human figure with a new creative lens.



Happy Birthday to Elle’s younger sister, Clara, whom I’m smacking in the leg here to get her hyped up for a max lift in contest.  

I did another quick instructional video of the next exercises I would add into a strength/bodybuilding/fitness split in the globe-gym setting.  By now the trainee should have some experience with a proper receiving position for both the snatch and clean and has the fundamental understanding of the dip drive.  He/she can now safely handle weights overhead in regular tennis shoes with iron plates and crappy bars.  Now we get to add in some more advanced exercises which are more specific to Olympic weightlifting.  The trainee is free to add these exercises on any day of his split and the focus should be on higher reps instead of max weight 1) because these are still just meant to compliment his current training program and 2) he does not have the proper facilities to attempt maximum weights.


-The Wizard of Occam