Podcast Episode.

May 8, 2018

So my goal for this blog was to write something once a week just to practice putting out content; because, honestly, putting out content is just as important as knowing your information in this industry. However I’ve been really busy with my actual job of running the gym, developing my lifters and coaching at meets.

Here’s me after I was a guest presenter at Sac Stater for the Stinger Barbell Club meeting.  Stingers up.

Been jamming with Jef for over a year now.  We’re still working on a few ideas and we’ve added a third homie to the mix.  It’s still just a hobby and loads of fun.  Doing some bedroom recording and always doing artwork as well.

Rachael’s first meet was last weekend.  She went 6/6 and had a great time.

So here’s a short interview I did with a young man that goes by @mopeymac. Overall, I did a decent job of talking about myself and explaining some of my thoughts and processes when it comes to training. I stumble a bit when he starts asking me about stuff I like but that may be just because this took place on one of my early morning days which still admittedly fuck me up and I’m kinda running on fumes right now so to speak. If you’re wondering where I’m at right now, I’m full steam ahead with the gym which is going awesome, prepping for nationals, coaching at meets every weekend, actively jamming and making music and art. I’ve got a few creative goals for the summer after Nationals. Here’s the link to the podcast:

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