I am a professional weightlifting coach and gym owner based in Sacramento, CA.  I’ve been coaching for a living since 2008 and have a BS in Exercise Science from Sacramento State University.  I have over a decade of weightlifting competitive experience.  My first meet was in November of 2005.  I was 18 years old and snatched 77kg and clean and jerked 106kg at 105kg bodyweight; not impressive by anyone’s standards but I have continued to improve though my career and am now a national  94kg lifter who regularly totals in the 320kg range.  I plan to continue lifting for another couple years, after which I’ll focus on my business, Occam Athletics, and other athletic and artistic pursuits.


This blog used to be titled “alongthelinesof.”  I began journaling in 2010 until very sporadically in 2015-2016ish.  I’ll eventually begin deleting some of my older stuff and start new with short, focused pieces; perhaps one a week.  These will focus on: weightlifting, strength and conditioning, the state of the fitness industry, personal anecdotes, humor, art and music.  Hope you enjoy.

-The Wizard of Occam


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