Podcast Episode.

May 8, 2018

So my goal for this blog was to write something once a week just to practice putting out content; because, honestly, putting out content is just as important as knowing your information in this industry. However I’ve been really busy with my actual job of running the gym, developing my lifters and coaching at meets.

Here’s me after I was a guest presenter at Sac Stater for the Stinger Barbell Club meeting.  Stingers up.

Been jamming with Jef for over a year now.  We’re still working on a few ideas and we’ve added a third homie to the mix.  It’s still just a hobby and loads of fun.  Doing some bedroom recording and always doing artwork as well.

Rachael’s first meet was last weekend.  She went 6/6 and had a great time.

So here’s a short interview I did with a young man that goes by @mopeymac. Overall, I did a decent job of talking about myself and explaining some of my thoughts and processes when it comes to training. I stumble a bit when he starts asking me about stuff I like but that may be just because this took place on one of my early morning days which still admittedly fuck me up and I’m kinda running on fumes right now so to speak. If you’re wondering where I’m at right now, I’m full steam ahead with the gym which is going awesome, prepping for nationals, coaching at meets every weekend, actively jamming and making music and art. I’ve got a few creative goals for the summer after Nationals. Here’s the link to the podcast:

Podcast on Itunes

Artist Statement #1.

January 17, 2018

Here is my first non-lifting related post since I’ve started blogging again.  I had to write an artist statement before I stared hitting up places around town to show my art so I figured I’d post it here.  Chances are I’ll revise it 2-3 times but I needed something on paper.  

Artist mugshot.

The human form has has always been fascinating to me. When I was a kid, I would draw comic book heroes during recess. While in college, I took figure drawing classes while I was studying exercise science. Today, I paint the human form after I’ve closed my business in midtown for the day. It is no coincidence that my job primarily deals with helping others understand and move their body more effectively. The human form is equal parts powerful and elegant, especially while in motion.

Owning a business and training as an athlete has not left much time for creativity for the past few years. Time spent doing art or music is considered sacred time. I am usually drawn to mediums that I can finish a piece in short 45 minute sessions at a time such as ink or watercolor. Only recently have I set aside more time for creative endeavors and now dedicate 2-3 nights per week with a new medium to me: oil. The amount of patience and care involved changed my creative process and I am excited to continue exploring the human figure with a new creative lens.


I have recently started dabbling in oil painting because I needed yet another hobby. Like most things that I get into, I more or less just acquired the necessary tools and started learning by doing. I’ve been doing art off and on since I was a kid, sometimes identifying as an artist but most of the times not. I stick to what I like which are high contrast pieces focusing on the human form. Based on my profession, education and other athletic pursuits I’m into, I obviously find the human body fascinating. Most other things (landscapes, abstract pieces and what not) don’t do a whole lot for me. Mostly, I do art because it brings me a sense of catharsis. It takes me to a sacred space for 45 minutes or so where I don’t worry about anything else except for the task at hand, the very same reason why I like crushing heavy weights.

It’s been a number of years since art has been my “thing.” In college, I’d make it a point to take one art class a semester as a way to force me to make time for art and take a step back from my busy schedule. Since then, I’ll sort of lazily doodle, sometimes diving in with ink or water color when it fits my mood. I like ink because it requires confidence. There’s no way to take it off the paper, so you have to be both aggressive and decisive about where you place your lines. Sometimes it works out for me, but most of the time not so much. Any project that takes more than 45 minutes will remain unfinished with a few exceptions over the years.

The only experience I’ve had with oil so far is when I had a girlfriend a number of years ago who would use that as her primary medium. We’d sometimes do art together and I’d bang out like 5 or 6 ink drawings trying to capture the figures and motion. She on the other hand, would spend weeks on these beautiful paintings, taking her time, being methodical, taking breaks and coming back to add layer over layer of beautiful depth. The finished work paid off wonderfully, but frankly the whole process seemed hella boring.

So here I am in 2017 ignorantly slapping paint on stuff like I know what I’m doing (not much unlike how I first started lifting weights) and finding myself forced into the same drawn out, boring process that she did. There are rules. You can’t just DO shit. You have to be methodical, play the game. But here’s the thing:

I love it.

Being forced to be methodical, keep a frame of reference in mind from start to finish over the period of weeks changed my entire creative process. She might’ve said the same to me but who knows. I’m a poor listener at times.

This mentalty for me is analegous to how my weightlifting process changed when I began coaching. As a coach, there is ONLY the big picture. The frame of reference that you have in your brain for every athlete is always present, even when assisting their day to day workouts. There is joy in seeing small changes over time. There is planning and constantly reminding your athletes that weightlifting is not today. Olympic Weightlifting is today, every day over the course of his or her career.

I change hats on a day to day basis. I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to be an athlete be an athlete. Be fiery and expect progress every single day. That’s not reality but it’s not your job to keep that in mind. Leave it up to your coach to reign you in when needed and bounce ideas off of. Keep an open dialogue when you need it. The idea is that when it’s all over, you will be happy with the finished product.

Enjoy yourself.

-The Wizard of Occam

The Death of Alongthelinesof.

November 28, 2017

Hi there.

I’ve decided to start blogging again.  This time around it will be a little different though.  When I started blogging in 2010, I didn’t have any real idea of what that actually was so what ended up coming out was a sort of diary/training log/sometimes write some lifting related stuff/art/humor sort of thing.  It ended up actually being a good practice for me; kept me focused on my lifting goals, organized my thoughts on “paper.” At the time I thought I was a really good writer.  I feel like many weightlifters go though that phase.


This is who I am now.  

Needless to say, I don’t feel like the same person as me in 2010 so I think I’ll start going through my old stuff and deleting most of the riff raff and stuff I’d rather not see or other people see.  I stopped because I got caught up with running the day to day of the gym.  It seems the better I get at that, the worse I get at everything else.  And honestly, actually doing my job is more important than telling people about it.  This time around, I will not be posting any artwork unless it’s just a photo of my art or I figure some other way to show off my stuff without people blatantly stealing it and putting it on their shitty fitness lifestyle T shirts or gyms.

t shirt

If you put this on your shitty T-shirt without paying for it, get fucked, you fuck. 

I’ve learned that you don’t get to pick the rules of the fitness industry.  You don’t get to pick what’s cool or what people buy into.  You only get to pick and choose which parts of the game you will play and I’ve chosen to only pick the ones that essentially get me no money but I get to sleep soundly at night.   No one reads blogs anymore.  But people love content.  Some people love weightlifting related content about as much as they love the sport itself.  So I’ll be doing the occasional weightlifting piece to practice putting out content even if no one is actually requesting it of me.  It’s good to do as a coach; keeps your chops sharp.  I will not be doing the boring as fuck technique pieces that pollute the internet and have clients thinking they’re not at nationals because they’re not finishing their quadruple extension.  The beginner/intermediate lifter of today already thinks too much do to the continued marketing bombardment.  And that’s exactly what it is: marketing.  I’ll be focusing more on advice pieces; short reads that are helpful, hopefully entertaining and fun to write.  I’ll also do the occasional anecdote and humor piece simply because that’s what I like to read and I also think it’s important.  I don’t think anyone cares about my opinion on art or music but I’ll write occasionally on those subjects as well.  I won’t be doing the basic blogger “top 20” lists because I’m too far out of college and am decidedly anti-cool.

Anyways, hope to see you around.

-The Wizard of Occam

Occam 2×15.

October 30, 2016

I’m back on here.  Just in time for my end of the year favorite tracks playlist.  My dad and I made this cab the other day to replace the purple one I made for the gym PA/my guitar rig. It’s got the same Eminence Redcoat series “Big Ben” 15’s that I’ve been using but the red wood stain suits my tastes better.  Peep the Occam symbols in the speaker hole cut outs.  The frame is 12 ply Plywood and the front baffle and back is regular 3/4 inch that we used for the competition platform of our meet we held last month.

I’m going to make an effort to post here once a week simply because I think it’s a healthy habit to sit down and write something every now and then.


I haven’t done anything remotely creative in a while.  So here’s a video of some training taken this summer.  I fit a decent amount of the team on this one.  I also threw some noise on the background.  Overall I’m happy with how it came out.

I’d like to bring your attention to an all women’s art collective loosely based in Sacramento.



Here’s a pic of me showing off the 2×15 I made in front of one of Meme’s art pieces.  This mural is no longer there but I will post more of her current work.

I first came in contact with this group through the artwork and murals painted in the alley that Occam Athletics resides in.  I love the artwork and I became very attached to the carnival/circus theme that was prevalent in the alley.  Then one day I met a woman who goes by the moniker, Meme.  She handed me a flyer and told me that her group was holding a block party that weekend and re-doing all the murals in the alley. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend due to work but when I arrived the following Monday, the alley had been completely changed to a light blue women of India theme.  I dig it and will post pics at some point.  Meme will be relocating so the alley will stay as is for a while but she plans on periodically coming back and reworking the alley in similar fashion.  I’m happy to have met you, Meme, and thank you for adding a little color to my life every day I come to work.


June 7, 2016

When people ask you if you’re still doing artwork.


Yes. But only to “troll” my lifters.

Model #003.

June 2, 2016

I finished another project today.  An Orange 2×12.

Here is the piece I did as tribute to the great Mr. Kono.  This man had a profound effect on me during my early years lifting weights.  I actually have a great story of the first time we met and he watched me train.

Classic pose.  Half his body at rest, half supporting his weight.

Classic pose. Half his body at rest, half supporting his weight.

I don’t plan on selling this one but I’d let it go to the right person for $300.00.  I actually want to get it framed and have a special plaque made for it.  Keep it in the lair.  Any weightlifting gym in Sacramento is one that he built while he trained in the internment camp.

I have step by step photos that I can post of the progress of this piece if anyone is interested.

Oh and if anyone steals this image for personal gain, you are trash.