T-Shirt Order.

May 13, 2016

Suh, dude.


Nugget is 4’10.  She’s wearing an XXL here.  Because I like to laugh.

I’m doing another order of shirts. Holler at churboi if you want one. I’m doing the official gold on black one (our team colors) with our motto on the back and the tie dye one that you saw Emelie and I wearing at Nationals.
SIZING: both T’s are unisex. The tie dye one is the old school big cotton kind that you wore in grade school. The black one of more of a modern fit. I weigh about 215lbs and I wear a large in both. Our little nugget, Lauren is seen wearing an XXL and she’s under 5 feet tall.
25 bones if you can pick it up. 30 bones if I gotta ship it to you. Message me for my paypal e-mail. I’ll put in the order by Friday and they take about a week to print.

Actual Pain Labor Day Sale.

September 4, 2015

Actual Pain is having their annual Labor day sale this weekend.  40% off, homie.


Hit ’em up so you can dress straight up villainous this winter.

As a rule, I won’t plug products unless they fulfill my criteria of being high value, useful and bullshit free.  For example: straps.  90% of people I meet WASTE MONEY on straps.  Make your own.  They will last longer and perform better.  I’ve had mine for 4 years now.  They are made of rock climbing webbing and one of my lifters, Duffy, sewed and burnt the ends for me.   They cost under two dollars and I guarantee they are better than your straps.  At best, yours are made out of the same material.  At worst, they are made out of that standard nylon seat belt material that WILL fray and snap.  Actually at the very worst, you have those cotton loop ones with the foam pad on the back.  My mitts eat those.  It’s not that I have a problem with people making money in the fitness industry.  I just have a problem with people making money at other’s expense or fulfilling needs that do not need to be filled.

Conversely, I plug my sponsor, Forklifter all the time.  They provide a high quality service at a high value price point.  I mean . . . it’s meat, healthy carbs and veggies.  If you disagree with that then there’s no hope for you.

So bringing it back to my original goal for this post,

I’m going to plug a product.

High quality leather and hardware.

High quality leather and hardware.


Very supportive and look badass. Heck I might start rocking these at shows.

I maintain that the BEST option for wrist support is Johnson & Johnson athletic tape.  Not that Muller or ACE crap.  Johnson & Johnson.  The second best option and one that I used for years is the standard boxing wrap.  They come in two varieties, the shorter less-stretchy version (for some reason we used to call them white boy wraps back in the day.  I couldn’t explain to you why) and the longer more-stretchy versions.  I recommend the shorter one and for God’s sake please take your thumb out of the loop.  It bothers me at a very deep level when I see people lifting with their thumbs still in the loop like a doofus.  A lesser preferred option and one that I  have been using for the past 2 years are the new fangled PR wraps or “Crossfit wraps” as I like to call them.  They’re decent.  Decent enough that I saw no need to change them over the past two years except when I need the extra support.  Then I go back to the old faithful athletic tape.

These are something new for me.  I looked at the ones off of Risto but based on how well their shoes hold up, I decided I’d look elsewhere.  My search took me to Wyvernworks on Etsy.  He makes fantasy and LARP gear but after searching around a bit, I decided that his wrist supports looked like they could hold up to training.  I made the mistake of ordering two different styles so I asked him for the link to the ones I got.


They came in on Monday and after hitting some front squats and push presses in them, I can say that they DO support my wrist very well.  Time will tell how they will hold up to training but I am pretty confident so far.  Take note, I wear my buckles on the inside of my wrist to let the extra material support the joint from the outside.

I’ll post an update after a month or so of hard training getting ready for Nationals.

Check it out.  I finally threw down and made some shirts.  If you’re in town, pick one up for 25 bucks cash.  If you’re out of town, I’m working on it.

swolfie allie 2 image1These shirts are actually pretty significant for me. For one, it’s a design that I drew.  It’s honest.  The design is based off of actual photos of us training.  There’s no lions or other popular fitsperation gimmicks.  The figures on the bottom represent our Yamdancer philosophy, a concept that I stole from Coach Paul of Hassle Free.  On the back I chose to go with, “Trust the process.” This has been personally significant to me since 2005 after I went on a religious retreat.

I’ll still sell some of my work in the future.  You can probably pick out which one is mine from Jon North’s new line.  But this one is all me.  All us.

Trust the process.


New Merch: Elation.

August 6, 2014

Hey it’s still tank top season, right?

image 2

Trick question.  It’s always tank top season.

Didn't want to upload the actual design because people have straight up stolen my drawings before.

Didn’t want to upload the actual design because people have straight up stolen my drawings before.

Buy these at my blog store.  I’ll make a women’s racerback when I get around to it. I thought about throwing these on different colored shirts but you know what? I LIKE wearing black shirts.  Given the choice, I’ll wear a black shirt every time and since these are a reflection of my feelings, I felt BLACK was the best choice.

Endless cycles of failure and fatigue.  Punctuated by brief moments of elation.  Keeps me coming back for more after 9 years of enjoying the process.  


Question: Ben, what are your favorite workout shorts from Lululemon?

Answer: The Pace Breaker shorts. I’ve got 3 pairs.

I like everything about these shorts.  The length is perfect; not too long so they get in the way, not too short so your sack can fall out.  For a while, it seems like with lifters that extremely short shorts were all the rage.  Pro tip: no one wants to see your junk in the gym setting.  Put that shit away.  And don’t give my that “my quads are too big” garbage.  If you can’t fit into Lululemon shorts, you’re too big of a biscuit, plain and simple.  Lose a few kilos, biscuit.  They also come with a built in liner so you can go commando on light days and then double layer with compression on heavy days.  Also included is a zippered cell phone pocket; handy for when you want to have headphones in while squatting or if you’re a trainer like me, you can keep your cell on you and still demo cleans without busting your phone.


Actual Pain is having a 50% off sale till the 28th (the secret code is: SUMMER).  It’s a company that has absolutely nothing to do with working out.  Believe it or not, just because I lift heavy weights doesn’t mean I need a T shirt reminding people I squat.  I just picked myself up a couple snap backs.  Check this company out.

Snap backs and clean and jerks, bro.

Snap backs and clean and jerks, bro.




May 30, 2014

I’ve got a few pieces hanging up at the Lululemon in the Arden Fair mall. If you call Sacramento your home, come check them out! It’s not every day an Olympic weightlifter hangs up artwork at a lululemon. Come to think of it, I might be the only person to do that exact thing.  A big thank you to my friends at the store who’ve given me a place to show my work (non-weightlifting work) and for being cool people in general.  I’ve now officially had two art shows; one at a comic book store and one at a Lululemon.

photo 1

Beautiful ladies.

photo 2

My favorite is on the top right.

What’s that word that the kids are saying nowadays?  Swag?  Well if so,

(insert pound sign) swag.

(insert pound sign) swag.

Tara asked me if I was going to post this photo on my “Instagram” account.  I told her that I was just going to ride this one out and hope it dies off before I do.

A huge thank you to our friends from Caffeine and Kilos for setting us up with these bad boys.  Now we just gotta sell ’em.  Come by home base and pick up a shirt.  The money we raise will help get us to Nationals and The American Open.

Red on Black.

March 18, 2014


Check out these new Tees that our buddies at Caffeine and Kilos did for us. Hit me up if you want one. 20 bucks. Don’t expect to look as cool as Dean while wearing it though because that’s not possible.

I’m no fashionista, be every now and then I’ll find myself in a non-gym situation.  These situations require pants.  For the most part, you’ll need jeans.  Let’s just say you’re a big guy like me and you weigh 240+ (assuming you’re not tall) and squat between five and six hundred pounds.  What are you going to do?  Forget Levi’s.  That ship sailed once you passed 240, you big biscuit.

I’d recommend taking the designer jean approach and get yourself a pair of Sevens.  Seriously.  If you ever want to have full ROM wearing jeans, you’ll get yourself a pair of Sevens.  Don’t be deterred by your bros who are required by law to start hating on you for paying 100 bucks on jeans.  “Nice skinny jeans.”  They’re not skinny jeans bro.  If you had anything resembling an ass and quads, you would know that.  And honestly, at a higher bodyweight, you don’t want to have a whole lot of excess room in your clothes  otherwise you end up looking like The Thing from the Fantastic Four trying to blend into the crowd.  Sevens have a tiny bit of spandex blended into the fabric so  you can now do things like tie your shoe or climb into your vehicle without fear of a blowout.  Now obviously at this price point, you can only afford to pick up one or two pairs per year, so choose a wash that will suit most occasions.  Take note that the dye will fade as you wash so I’d recommend a darker color so you have the option to dress them up or down.  Don’t let the price point rule this option out for you if that’s a key determining factor.  Look for deals online or hip consignment boutiques.  I’ve found them for as low as 35 bucks (SCORE).

SO discreet.  Fun fact: I actually had this action figure as a kid.

SO discreet. Fun fact: I actually had this action figure as a kid.

Lets say you lose a little bodyweight and can now afford to wear non-stretchy clothes with a little more room.  Or you’d just prefer not to wear designer or form fitting clothes.  That’s cool too, bro.  For this, I’d recommend all things Carhartt.  At a very competitive price point, their clothes are basically indestructible, sporting heavy duty rivets, triple stitching and heavyweight materials.  Plus you get the added benefit of feeling like a real DUDE while wearing them.  Fair warning: when I say non-stretchy, I mean non-stretchy.  So you really need to let that imaginary size 32 waist when you were in high-school go, bro.  Because it’s just not gonna happen.  With such competitive pricing, you can now afford to diversify your color scheme.  Or you can blend both approaches together and save your designer stuff for nice occasions.

Your results may vary and obviously personal taste plays a role in your options.  But in my opinion, these two options give you enough leeway to fit most stylistic tastes and you will have the added confidence that dat 600lb squatting ass won’t blow your jeans out while you are out bowling with your buddies (true story).

If your are familiar with the brands, feel free to list some other competitive options in the comments section below.  Keep in mind the two different price points noted above.