Yeah, I know.  I already made this video.  But I was way fatter back then and now I’m not so hopefully more people will listen and stop wasting money.

So to clarify:

If you like long straps (2 foot lengths) buy 12 feet and you get 3 pair.

If you like short straps for your little baby hands (1 and a half foot lengths) buy 12 feet and you get 4 straps.

Don’t be an idiot like me and buy 10 feet.

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been MIA lately . . . well . . . I’ve been a little bit busy.  I’m starting my own business.  The team and I have moved locations and we are now officially under the moniker “Occam Athletics.”  We’re still in the heart of Midtown; located inside of Cap City Strength and Performance on 23rd and S.  I was planning on making a move like this eventually but sometimes life happens and you need to take an opportunity when you see it.



It’s going to be a long road.  The bulk of my equipment will arrive in a couple weeks. I’ll be getting a few more essentials in the months to follow.  We’re eventually going to be set up with a 1200 square foot room dedicated to platform space; Our very own weightlifting dungeon.  Starting this week it’s back to business as usual. I’ll be running team practices and doing one evening strength and conditioning class on MWF at 5:30.  I’ve got more info for those interested.

But man . . . let me tell you, Shiah was right.  Nothing can hold you back.  Seriously if you want to do something, just do it. DO IT.

Me after I locked up at the new spot tonight.  Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration.

Me after I locked up at the new spot tonight. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration.

Snapshot in Time.

March 17, 2015

This picture represents a snapshot in time; not just for me, but for the entire USAW.  Observe.

I purchased this shirt at the Collegiate Nationals in 2007 (I think).  I promptly cut it into the "nips exposed" trap-cut.

I purchased this shirt at the Collegiate Nationals in 2007. I promptly cut it into the “nips exposed” trap-cut.

A lot has changed since 2007.  I no longer expose my nips in the gym setting (if I do, it’s because I am not wearing a shirt).  Weightlifting shirts have changed as well.  First of all, they’re more stylish.  But more importantly, we no longer have to spend our time telling people what weightlifting is.  The masses are informed enough that they can now at least identify a snatch and a clean and jerk if they see one.  For years, I refused to do any upper body whatsoever (aside from bodyweight stuff) because weightlifting coaches told me that “we don’t do that” and doing curls would “mess with my pull.”  Well, as it turns out, if you have a shitty pull, it’s because you have a shitty pull.  I also spent a great amount of effort telling people what weightlifting isn’t.  Nowadays, I don’t waste the time or just avoid the subject of fitness altogether.

Here’s a litte anecdote for you.  In 2005, I found out that Sac State had a weightlifting team.  When I got there, it was just me.  I was now the president and the only long-term member.  I want you to try and imagine me sitting behind a fold up desk in the school quad trying to get people to sign up for the club.  Depressing, isn’t it?

Thanks to Crossfit (and on a larger scale, the internet) I no longer have to sell weightlifting.  Shirts are better.  The talent pool is larger.  And I can now bench press if I choose to

I rarely do.  Old habits die hard.

Leaving for OKC.

February 11, 2015


Elle and I leave for JR nationals this week and I gotta tell you, we’re both pretty excited.  JR Nationals was the first national meet that I ever coached at way back in 2011.  Actually, I coached a kid in JR nats back in like 2008 or so but he wasn’t my athlete so I didn’t count it.

As a result of all the traveling and busyness lately, I’ve been rather uninspired with writing.  So rather than put out some crap I’ll just give you a few things that are real.

Here’s my favorite thing to listen to during training lately.  If I’m lucky, the gym is relatively empty when I have my personal afternoon session so I get to put on whatever I want on the stereo.

I usually throw on some faster stuff when I max out.  Speaking of which, I’ll have to do that today since I’ll be in OKC on Friday and I don’t want to be THAT GUY in the training hall room at JUNIOR NATIONALS getting’ my heavy sesh in, brah.

Also, one of my new favorite parts about traveling is finding time to read.  The last meet trip I went on, I devoured a tween sci-fi book that was recently made into a movie (likability scale: 6/10 which is pretty good given my usual distain for teenager related media).  5 bucks if you can guess which book.

I’ll be finishing up this on the plane ride home next week.  A friend let me borrow it and I’m pretty stoked to actually get some time to read it.


Old Soul.

January 21, 2015

November of this year will mark one decade of competition for my Olympic weightlifting career.  This means that I’m essentially at the decade mark of training for the lifts.  This essentially means nothing.  But as we all know, personal significance can often carry a lot more weight than anything else.

I obviously have a lot of emotion surrounding this whole decade thing and it will probably be something that I’ll discuss further the more I wrap my mind around it.


Almost done with my year end 2014 video.

Coach Benji.

January 19, 2015

I “memeified” my roommate’s cat the other day for my team’s enjoyment.

We've been living together for a while now, so he's mastered the "coach's face."  Although I'm sure he was fairly judgmental before that.

We’ve been living together for a while now, so he’s mastered the “coach’s face.” Although I’m sure he was fairly judgmental before that.

I actually didn’t even know I liked cats until 2014.  I actually still don’t know for sure.  I just know I like this one; mostly because we can sit and listen to records together and judge things.

Yes, his name is actually Benji.

Still to come:

I still haven’t started my highlight video for last year.  I mostly do this for myself.  When time’s get hard, it’s good to be able to look back and reflect on a few good things I did last year.  After all this time, progress is just as exciting as when I started.  Perhaps more so.

Yeah, I know it’s a reference to a different Christmas movie.  But we all know there is only ONE Christmas Movie.


Nakatomi Plaza 4 lyf.

The American Open Video is uploading right meow.  Merry Christmas.

American Open Info.

December 10, 2014

Hey everybody, this will hopefully be one of my last updates going into the weekend.

HERE is a link to the USAW event page for the American Open.  Here you will find the schedule and hopefully the link for live feed if they have it this year.

If the link for some reason doesn’t work “I can’t do nuttin’ for ya” because I won’t have my laptop on me.

I’m rushing around Sacramento right now trying to get ready to leave for the weekend.  You’d be surprised how difficult it is for a weightlifting coach.  But once I get on that plane, everything else stays at home and it will be time to have me some fun. 

I might’ve posted this scene before.  But I mean come on.  It’s Predator.

New Home.

November 22, 2014

Accurately summarizes my life right now.

Accurately summarizes my life right now.

Throwing around ideas for a mural I can hang up in the new lifting area.  What should I paint?

A New Era.

November 16, 2014

Today, Mark and the Team ST guys made their last trip to pick up their stuff from Midtown.  While I’m going to miss their presence, I am overwhelmed with joy for the new opportunities that the gym is now presented with.  The new usable space represents more than just 5 new lifting platforms, a comp bench, reverse hyper and a white board.  It represents how far both the gym and the team have come and a new beginning for our weightlifters and people looking to get stronger and fitter.  Here’s to new opportunities.  Here’s to a stronger community.  Here’s to Midtown S&C.

If you're a weightlifter in the area, come visit.  We've hosted large joint practices before and now have more space than ever.  Don't worry.  Jake is actually nicer than he looks.

If you’re a weightlifter in the area, hit me up and come visit. We’ve hosted large joint practices before and now have more space than ever. Don’t worry. Jake is actually nicer than he looks.

As much as I love any opportunity to pose like this, I think Cam won with the crowbar accessory.

As much as I love any opportunity to pose like this, I think Cam won with the crowbar accessory.