I personally find the terms “stoner” and “doom” to be rather limiting.  A lot of the bands listed here blend many influences together, however fans of these two genres will most likely find some common ground with most picks on this list.  I did have to eliminate a few releases that were awesome but would hardly qualify.  I had a hard time getting it down to 25 since there was so much good shit that came out last year.  You’ll see a lot of repeats from most year end lists with a few random picks that struck me personally but might not have been quite as popular.  The numbering system is mostly arbitrary, though I feel pretty confident in my top 10, some of which will contribute to my top 20 favorite tracks of last year list (not doom-specific).

1) Mountain Dust-Nine Years.  This one also has some of my favorite cover art for the year.

2) Khemmis-Hunted.  Cover art also dope as fuck.  This album rips so hard and is such a fun listen.  They’re like Pallbearer and Un if they partied harder.  JK those dudes probably party.  But you know what I mean.

3) Beastmaker-Lusus Naturae.  These homies from Fresno put on such a sick live set.  

4) Sumac-What One Becomes.  Probably the heaviest thing I got into last year.  Live set was massive.


5) Jayle Jayle-House Cricks and Other Excuses to Get Out.  I love this shit so much.  So much tension and americana goodness.  Minimalism at it’s finest.

6) Pallbearer-Fear and Fury EP.  These guys are blowing up and they deserve it.

7) Turnip-Window Killer. So sparse and AMAZING. Favorite song is “Coming for You.” I like this type of shit better than most standard doom and stoner shit.

8) Oak-Oak II.  Download this for free, my dude.  So robust and manly.  

9) Cobalt-Slow Forever.  This might’ve been higher if I had heard this earlier.  Still digesting but this is heavy as fuck.  

10) Cult of Luna-Mariner.

11) Conan-Revengence.  Conan throws in (GASP) blastbeats?  Their most listenable record so far.  They were honestly too low and heavy for me until I saw them live.  Then I REALLY got it.  “We are all nothing.  You are nothing.”

12)SubRosa-For This We Fought the Battle of Ages.  Seeing them live was amazing. 

13) Brant Bjork-Tao Of The Devil.  The way the dude says “Gree-heen” is hilarious.  Check out this music video.  Literally going to buy a van now.

14) 1000 Mods-Repeated Exposure To . . .

15) Graves at Sea-The Curse that Is.

16) Holy Serpent-Temples.

17) Lament Cityscape-Soft Tissue.

18) Ortega-Sacred States.  I with I had heard this earlier too.  

19) Elephant Tree-Elephant Tree.

20) Youngblood Supercut-High Plains.  I fucking love this track.

21) Slowmatics-Estronomicon.

22) Cough-Still They Prey.  They doom hard.

23) Truckfighters-V. 

24) Gozu-Revival.  Rock and roll, brother.  

25) The Hazytones-The Hazytones.

Embrace this Moment.

November 16, 2016

Last week, I trained with the team instead of by myself.  It was the most cathartic and healing feeling I’ve had in a long time.

Occam 2×15.

October 30, 2016

I’m back on here.  Just in time for my end of the year favorite tracks playlist.  My dad and I made this cab the other day to replace the purple one I made for the gym PA/my guitar rig. It’s got the same Eminence Redcoat series “Big Ben” 15’s that I’ve been using but the red wood stain suits my tastes better.  Peep the Occam symbols in the speaker hole cut outs.  The frame is 12 ply Plywood and the front baffle and back is regular 3/4 inch that we used for the competition platform of our meet we held last month.

I’m going to make an effort to post here once a week simply because I think it’s a healthy habit to sit down and write something every now and then.


SoCal Rotation.

August 11, 2016

So If you have not already, go check out the Doom Charts for August.  A lot of really good recent releases are highlighted.  Here’s a few that will be on my rotation as I drive from Sacramento to LA this weekend.

  1. Slow Season-Westing.  Like an idiot, I missed their set last week because I was busy eating tacos before Black Pussy put on an amazing performance.  These guys are like a modern Led Zeppelin.
  2. Mountain Dust-Nine Years.  Heavy HEAVY blues.  Check those vocals too, homie.
  3. Turnip-Window Killers.  Atmospheric, psychedelic and HEAVY americana.  This is my shit.
  4. Oak-Oak II.  Ballsy desert rock.  Also FREE.
  5. Vokonis-Olde One Ascending.  This one will make you want to put on a cape and start a LARP team on the weekends.

Again, go check out the blog for ALL the good shit that came out recently.  This is just what I’m going to be bumping this weekend while driving (along this the Khemmis album that dropped last year.  I saw them destroy eardrums last night.)

Jaye Jayle Full Set.

June 17, 2016

I am a minimalist by nature.  So when I caught these guys play with SUMAC a few weeks ago, I was REALLY into their set.

There truly is beauty in the usage of empty space.

Give them a listen and let me know what you think.

Here’s a link to their bandcamp.

June 5, 2016

To help you zone out through your work day.

So I haven’t been listening to as much heavy music lately but what I have gravitated to I have enjoyed very much.  Here are 3 of my favorite new releases this year.  One of which you can download for FREE.

Graves At Sea-The Curse That Is:

Black metal vocals over some good ol’ sludge riffs.

Elephant Tree-Self Titled.

I’ve been gravitating towards the slower, bluesier stuff lately.  Mammoth Wing released one of my favorites last year.  This one is along those same lines.


If Sleep and bands that came out during that time were Black Sabbath worship, this band and bands of this generation are SLEEP worship.  You know I’m all about it.  And it’s FREE.


Bonus:  Here’s my favorite non-metal, non-stoner track released this year.

I’m a fan of musical, psychedelic and fantasy inspired animated films like Heavy Metal.  So you can imagine that I was SUPER STOKED when I saw this trailer. Check out all the bands that are on the soundtrack.  Fire.

Go to the Kickstarter.  Donate.

Art. Stoner metal. Swords and Sorcery.  What is best in life?


Off the upcoming Blue Chips 7000 Mixtape.  Should be hot.

If you know me, then you might know that I’m an avid fan of his web/TV show Fuck That’s Delicious (especially while dieting). I’ve only watched 2 TV shows in the past 3-5 years:  This and the season one of Daredevil.