I personally find the terms “stoner” and “doom” to be rather limiting.  A lot of the bands listed here blend many influences together, however fans of these two genres will most likely find some common ground with most picks on this list.  I did have to eliminate a few releases that were awesome but would hardly qualify.  I had a hard time getting it down to 25 since there was so much good shit that came out last year.  You’ll see a lot of repeats from most year end lists with a few random picks that struck me personally but might not have been quite as popular.  The numbering system is mostly arbitrary, though I feel pretty confident in my top 10, some of which will contribute to my top 20 favorite tracks of last year list (not doom-specific).

1) Mountain Dust-Nine Years.  This one also has some of my favorite cover art for the year.

2) Khemmis-Hunted.  Cover art also dope as fuck.  This album rips so hard and is such a fun listen.  They’re like Pallbearer and Un if they partied harder.  JK those dudes probably party.  But you know what I mean.

3) Beastmaker-Lusus Naturae.  These homies from Fresno put on such a sick live set.  

4) Sumac-What One Becomes.  Probably the heaviest thing I got into last year.  Live set was massive.


5) Jayle Jayle-House Cricks and Other Excuses to Get Out.  I love this shit so much.  So much tension and americana goodness.  Minimalism at it’s finest.

6) Pallbearer-Fear and Fury EP.  These guys are blowing up and they deserve it.

7) Turnip-Window Killer. So sparse and AMAZING. Favorite song is “Coming for You.” I like this type of shit better than most standard doom and stoner shit.

8) Oak-Oak II.  Download this for free, my dude.  So robust and manly.  

9) Cobalt-Slow Forever.  This might’ve been higher if I had heard this earlier.  Still digesting but this is heavy as fuck.  

10) Cult of Luna-Mariner.

11) Conan-Revengence.  Conan throws in (GASP) blastbeats?  Their most listenable record so far.  They were honestly too low and heavy for me until I saw them live.  Then I REALLY got it.  “We are all nothing.  You are nothing.”

12)SubRosa-For This We Fought the Battle of Ages.  Seeing them live was amazing. 

13) Brant Bjork-Tao Of The Devil.  The way the dude says “Gree-heen” is hilarious.  Check out this music video.  Literally going to buy a van now.

14) 1000 Mods-Repeated Exposure To . . .

15) Graves at Sea-The Curse that Is.

16) Holy Serpent-Temples.

17) Lament Cityscape-Soft Tissue.

18) Ortega-Sacred States.  I with I had heard this earlier too.  

19) Elephant Tree-Elephant Tree.

20) Youngblood Supercut-High Plains.  I fucking love this track.

21) Slowmatics-Estronomicon.

22) Cough-Still They Prey.  They doom hard.

23) Truckfighters-V. 

24) Gozu-Revival.  Rock and roll, brother.  

25) The Hazytones-The Hazytones.